Policy Work and Research

The IDEA Initiative conducts policy analysis, carries out research projects, and contributes to expert advisory processes to support and inform work to address global health challenges, from antimicrobial resistance to innovation and access to health technologies.


Policy Work

antimicrobial resistance

The IDEA Initiative serves as the Strategic Policy Program for ReAct--Action on Antibiotic Resistance and as the Secretariat for the Antibiotic Resistance Coalition. In these roles, we carry out and support:

The Program has been called upon to serve in various expert advisory roles, contributing to the:


The program conducts research spanning the One Health dimensions of antimicrobial resistance.

This ranges from commissioned papers, such as for UK Review on Antimicrobial Resistance on “A Framework for Costing the Lowering of Antimicrobial Use in Food Animal Production”) and for WHO on “Building a Global Framework for Antimicrobial Development and Stewardship”

  • contributions to special journal supplements

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  • analyses of pharmaceutical innovation of novel classes of antibiotics

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