Breakout Track #1

Universal health care and access for addressing AMR/NAPs

We face several key, near term challenges in advancing efforts to address AMR in the healthcare delivery system:

  1. Underuse, not overuse, claims more lives today, and the commitment to tackling AMR must address both access and excess.

  2. Healthcare workers have limited time, diagnostic tests, and access to antibiotics to respond to patients presenting with potential infections, and applying the WHO Essential Medicine List’s AWaRe criteria may also curb availability in some settings.

  3. Additional resources for taking on this challenge may be needed, but making more effective use of existing tools and resources, from credentialing requirements to professional society mobilization, may have to do in the meantime.


Universal healthcare coverage is a priority of the WHO Director-General, and UHC will be a focus on the September 2019 UN General Assembly.


  • Nafis Faizi

  • Edna Sanchez

  • Tonny Tumwesigye

  • Dennis Amonde

  • Garance Upham

  • Prateek Sharma

  • Tracie Muraya

  • Uma Devi Raja

  • Rafael Almeida da Silva

  • Mirza Alas

  • Dusan Jasovsky